About Sphere.


Sphere aims to re-create pearl jewellery by giving it a new and modern identity. Sphere showcases the finest pearl jewellery using carefully selected seawater pearls from the worlds best pearl regions, Japan, Tahiti, China and South Pacific. Each pearl is then rated around the 5 forms of a pearl, Lustre, Complexion, Shine, Shape and Size. Ensuring each and every Sphere jewellery pieces are at its perfection. 


With a background in jewellery and the influence of a family pearl import and retail business, the founder of Sphere jewellery decides to encapsulate these influences and experience to curate her own range of jewellery that represents an independent, sophisticated, modern feminist. Each piece of Sphere jewellery is created through a thoughtful design process to showcase the beauty of the pearl. It is hand crafted in a family owned jewellery workshop with 20+ years of experience.


The range of Sphere jewellery is so simple and elegant it can be worn to suit all styles and occasions and it is just as beautiful as an everyday piece for the feminine, independent and fashion forward you.